Andala Rakshasi – Audio Review

Andala Raakshasi – Music Review

Andaala Rakshasi (2012) – Audio Review
Music: Rathan
CAST: Navin, Rahul, Lavanya

Film industry is like a black hole, it can absorb any one who ever comes in. This movie is made with many persons entirely new to the field. With so many debutantes, this film has to have right elements else it would be very tough to get this film success. Being a love story, this film is obviously a safe bet if it appeals youth. This film is directed by Hanu Raghavapudi who is believed to be a protege of Chandrasekhar Yeleti. Produced by Sai Korrapati, who is ditributor turned producer has produced the much awaited film “Eega”. The delay of that film obviously might have given producer enough time to produce this film. This is a contemporary film set in 1992 where communication between lovers is still the conventional methods without much technology. As rightly said in audio release the trailers and posters reminds “Aithe”. Again, being a love story music has to be right, should be a huge plus. The repeated hearing of music will bring youth to the theaters. Rathan is another Debutant for this movie. A non-Telugu Music director first time in Telugu, guess has worked with many music directors, has got a great chance to compose music for this movie. Keeravani who is owner of Vel Records is releasing the music.
1. Sound Of Vel
As it is a custom for Vel Records to provide a different signature tune for each and every album they release, this is yet another tune they have given. Not sure why they have to give a different tune each time. They should think of single tune so that we can know listening to their tune that it is by Vel instead of telling Vel at the end of the tune.
2. Yemito  
Artist(s): Haricharan
Lyricist: Rakendu Mouli
After listening to the vel signature music, having this song as the first song in the album sets the mood of the album and the expectations for the rest of the album. I have been saying that Haricharan is slowly gaining space in Telugu music space, just because of his improvement day by day. This song is so huge in terms of a debutante. Refreshingly grand tune. Kudos to Rathan for a great start. Usage of traditional instruments and right mixing of them makes this song huge. Rakendu Mouli did complete justice to the song in every aspect. Finally ends well and for sure youth is going to embrace this song like never in recent times. Coming to issues, Starts with a small recitation of small poem, there could have a better clarity with the recitation. Yem Maarpidi is not sung well in the song. It is said as Yen Marpidi. There are many words that would have been said better. A singer should add clarity to the words, else he doesn’t do complete justice to the song. Hope Haricharan takes care of this.

3. Manasu Palike  
Artist(s): Rakendu Mouli
Lyricist: Rakendu Mouli

A lyricist if he can sing, there is nothing more added advantage than that. Rakendu Mouli is extremely good in this song for a lyricist. Since he wrote the words, he should know what expressions to bring in to the song and he rightly did the justice to his words. Being a pathos he brought in right elements to the song. Flute in interlude is really excellent. Chorus rightly adding the right emotion and support to the song leaves haunting the listener. Its a standard now a days to add every singer not sure why they missed the female singer who started this song.Playing a double role, Rakendu Mouli did justice to both of them. Hope the visuals add value to this song.

4. Ne Ninnu Chera  
Artist(s): Ranjith, Veena Ghantasala
Lyricist: Krishnakanth

Start of music sounds like a repetition of a song, A perfect non-Telugu song. Aimed at youth doesn’t mean they have to mess up with words. Heavy false accent by Veena Ghantasala by name sounds Telugu but not by singing. Words are broken into pieces at will. Salsa kind of tune. What can anyone do? Viduvanu has become veedu vanu, marintagaa maarentaga should have been clean, talapunu avvana has become talapuna vaana. This is the issue when everyone involved in making a song is a non-Telugu technician and no one really cares. Keeping all these aside, youth anyway cant know these differences so they will enjoy the song for sure.

5. Ye Mantramo  
Artist(s): Bobo Shashi
Lyricist: Vasishta Sharma

Totally messed up song in terms of Telugu. Bobo sounded like Yuvan shankar. May be because any Tamilian says Telugu the same way. Atleast singer should have been a Telugu Singer. However good to see how these young technicians have no barriers and are working for each other. On other hand its a sad state for not seeing any talented Telugu technicians who are making into big league or even making an entry. This proves music field is dominated by others and Telugu as such dont have much presence.

5. Manasa Marchipo    
Artist(s): Sathya Prakash, Bhargavi Sridhar
Lyricist: Lakshmi Bhupal

Not sure why there is another patho song. May be this time for another artist as there are two lead male and one lead female. Singers choice is not good and this song doesn’t work. The singer struggle to sing at certain times. Rathan makes no mistake in tune or orchestration. But this song doesn’t work as singers couldn’t do justice

6. Vennante  
Artist(s): Ranjith
Lyricist: Krishnakanth

A routine song by Ranjith. This song sounds like a medley instead of a song, but good mixing up of various tunes. Rajith did just what song is required. Krishnakanth seems like following Ramajogaiah sastry.
Pick(s) of the Album: Yemito, Manasu Palike
Rathan being debutante has delivered more than expected.  He started great but faded away in between.  He needs to carefully select singers, take care of language he is working in, and needs to be consistent, if he desires to be in this field for long term.Wish him all the very best and good success in future.

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