Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu – Audio Review

Movie:          Cameran Gangato Rambabu (2012)

Director:      Puri Jagannadh
Music:          Manisharma
Cast:            Pawan kalyan, Tamanna

After working with Pawan kalyan for the movie Badri, Puri Jagannadh made sever futile attempts to work again with him. Pawan Kalyan allegedly rejected many of Puri’s earlier films including Idiot, Pokiri likes. After almost a decade, Pawan Kalyan decided to work again with Puri. Pawan had huge success with his earlier film Gabbar Singh eventually was directed by one of claimed disciple Harish Shankar. However Puri following the trend of making high speed movies within a short period failed with Devudu Chesina Manushulu which had bitten dust. Pawan kalyan fans obvious expectations are very high on this film and they will not accept any thing less than what they expect mainly after huge success.

Pawan Kalyan is know for having great music in his films. Many of his films might have failed at box office but there wasnt any instance where the music of his albums failed. Whether its Ramana gogula or Devi Sri Prasad or Mani sharma, his films had great music always. On the contrast, Puri’s films are never know for great music. However Manisharma the Mass Melody Brahma who created great impact working on very big films which were industry hits. He is not seen lately on the Film Music arena and such a huge project is kind of a comeback stage for him. This album is with single card Lyricist Bhaskarabhatla who is know for his mass songs. He doesn’t have any brand value or standards other than writing some routine songs.
Coming to Singers  with whom Manisharma worked in this album is definetely a welcome change. No non-sense singers. Narendra got a bigger pie in this movie. The audio is directly released into market without any audio function. Lets see whether how the songs fared, whether it is a comeback for Manisharma, whether it met standards of Pawan’s music lets see
1. “Theme”  

Singer(s): Hemachandra, Karunya, Narendra

Pawan Kalyan off late is having very good theme songs in his movies. When the song is labeled as Theme song, this has to be nothing sort of the standards set by Pawan himself. The music for this song started off good, but then the problem starts. The lyrics has no meaning at all which is a big let down for the song. Bhaskarbhatla wrote whatever words came to his mind doesn’t make any meaning at all. “ఎందుకో సఖి వీడే షివెర్ షేరోం సే ఏ ఖదర్ . ధడేల్ ధడేల్ మని ఇరగ్గోడ్తాడే ఇరగ కుమ్మేసి పడేసి తన్నేసి. పగల కొడ్తాడే. Puri is known for his eccentric writing and taking, doesn’t have any qualms to do whatever he wanted for movie media, but having this kind of lyrics doesn’t really make sense if he is the reason for them. Hemachandra, Karunya and Narendra did their job perfectly but seems like Puri Jagan didnt comeout from the hangover of Thaman from Businessman. First it gives an impression that whether Thaman has composed music for this song. Song having a length of 1:54 is the saving grace for this song. This songs remains as one of the bad theme song for Pawan kalyan for lyrical standard as well as tuning.
2. “Pillani Choosthe”  
Singer(s): Karunya, Chaitra

This song is out and out mass song. karunya getting a song after long time. Chaitra too not heard lately. Not sure what is the fascination of Bhaskarbhatla for Chammak challo. Another sub-standard lyrics. Manisharma’s routine tune. Karunya did good job and excelled as usual, brought required energy and vigor, but chaitra faded out in this song. She lacked energy. Pretty normal tune from Manisharma. Just aimed at masses and for on-screen stuff. Beats are routine, interludes and everything was pretty normal.

3. “Joramochindi”  
Singer(s): Murali, Sravana Bhargavi

Why there wasn’t Pawan dialogs which was said by a singer? Pawan could have lended his voice. Not sure why. Another Rehash of some old song. Sravana bhargavi and Kushi Murali did their job, but tune and lyrics doesnt provide any thing new. ఆయోచ్చింది సోయచ్చింది what does it means only Bhaskarbhatla knows. Anyway its an item songs which is aimed at masses. All depends on how this appeals them on the screen. This song is pretty ordinary to hear.
4. “Extraordinary”  
Singer(s): Hemachandra

Hemachandra is chosen for supposed to be a song that should lead the charts. One more song aimed at masses. This obviously was aimed at Female lead in the movie by the male lead. The lyrics could have been decent instead of saying obvious things directly. Visuals are different to audio. People listen to songs many times than watching it. Hope Puri understands this.Once again Puri’s influence is very much assumed in this song just as it was tuned. Though song is named “Extra-ordinary” this song is pretty ordinary. This is not a feast for ears, but could be feast for eyes.
5. “Taladinchuku”  
Singer(s): Karunya, Hemachandra, Srikrishna, Narendra

Atleast one song of Pawan’s movie will have heavy-duty lyrics which passes on a message. Manisharma tried to bring in the emotion of the song with the pre-lude. Manisharma used 4 singers to bring in the effect of the song and they did good. The flow of the songs in the album doesn’t match to this song. Its appears like a mis-fit, but might be the movie is all about this song. A powerful song middle of nowhere is kind of surprise, mainly from Bhaskarabhatla compared to the rest of the songs. Mani excelled in tuning this song. First half goes in కదలిరా later on this song asks కదల్రా not sure why. Pure emotional song have to wait and watch what it is all about.

6. “Melikalu”  
Singer(s): Geetha Madhuri, Narendra

In this internet world any songs that is inspired or copied doesn’t go unnoticed. Every one who is involved in film making needs to remember this. Adding all additional sounds to the song doesn’t appeal, but the song again needs on-screen justification. The in-lay card and play list has melikalu as song title but this word was never heard in the song. The song title should contain the word instead of actual meaning of the word I guess. Anyway one more song that fans have to wait until the movie is released and they could see the song on-screen

Pick(s) of the Album: Taladinchuku –  Rest of the songs are purely for PK fans.
Pawan kalyan might be for the first time will not face success in terms of music, May be for the first time, Pawan Kalyan’s fans will have a divided opinion on the album and may be for the first time Pawan’s uplift on screen is needed for his music, but does it matter? May be Puri Jagannadh wanted to prove this point that PK’s movies are beyond anything. His screen presence is all what everyone is looking for not his music. However this remains as one of below average album for both Manisharma and Pawan kalyan. Given the track record of Manisharma and Puri Jagan, I will attribute the music result to Puri instead of Manisharma for the disappointment that is caused. Same thing for the lyrics department. The singers choice is a real welcome change and I appreciate Mani for this.

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