Dammu – Music Review

Movie: Dammu ( 2012 )

Director: Boyapati Srinu
Producer: Alexander Vallabha ( presented by KS Rama rao )
Cast: NTR Jr, Trisha, Karthika Nair
Music: MM. Keeravani
Lyrics: Chandrabose
NTR Jr. and Keeravani share a special relation as whenever they worked togather, both movie and music achieved success. Notable movies are Simhadri, Yamadonga, Student Number 1. The music along with the movies remained as repeated hearing/viewing movies in the career of NTR Jr. Then Boyapati Srinu attained huge success with his earlier movie Simha and created a trend for his own regarding mass movies. He has proved with Simha what it takes to make a mass movie and keep not only the fans of the Hero, but every one glued to this movie with great interest towards the movie. With this back drop, Dammu by default has huge expectations not only movie wise, but music too. For the given caliber of NTR, the music has to be mass oriented with the title and trailers suggesting the same. Chandrabose has got single name card for Lyrics. He is the one who writes mass songs with no hesitation, inhibitions and limitations. MM keeravani bagged the audio rights for this movie and the music is released from his label Vel Records. Lets see how the team worked togather to meet the expectations and whether they achieved it or not.
There are total 5 songs for the movie and one song repeated for Audio, either for filling up space or just wanted to share a pre-recorded version of the song. Also since Vel records bagged this audio, you get to listen to the signature Sound of Vel. The songs are as follows
1. O Lilly
Artist(s): Baba Sehgal  and Chorus.
Keeravani made sure Baba Sehgal not heard much alone. He managed his voice very well either by adding chorus or instruments at places in the song. Otherwise if one listens clearly, one will listens and understands different meanings. Chchavve(death), instead of chaave. On and off this reminds a song that was recently released movie. Chandrabose is day by day degrading in his lyrics. He has to write a mass song is what he has to To tell the lady as angel, he used all angles, then he wrote, Major ayina ninnu choosi roju roju raajukundi. Sound completely dominated song, which is not the likes of Keeravani. He tried too many things in the song. Depends upon NTR how he can take this song to reach to his fans and audience.
2. Ruler (Movie Version)
Artist(s): Prudhvi Chandra, Geetha Madhuri, Revanth, Sahiti
This start of the song totally a surprise from MM Keeravani. Rap with heavy accent which totally messed up the words is totally unwarranted from MM Keeravani who is regarded as pinnacle to Telugu language. The song starts with various kingdoms anga, vanga kalinga, kerala, magadha, laanti chakravarthulunna, then various arts katha, chitralekhanam, sangeetam, hasta saamudrikam then skills baana, vajra danda finally telling he is sakala vidya prapoornudu… Many such high profile rulers and words to elevate the character are messed up big time. This not only confuses every listener also makes it very hard to get the hand of the words. Understand Keeravani tried to build up the introduction to elevate the song to a level which he achieved when actually Ruler is pronounced first time in the song, but definetely didn’t work out the way it is desired.
Having said that, there after its a feast to fans. Then Keeravani succeeded to bring the effect he wanted, by bringing in the beats, tempo and energy. However in between the song goes ups and down. Suddenly the tempo vanishes when female singer comes in and then the tempo starts again. I think this has to do something with the picturization of the song in the movie. This song will be highly appreciated by fans the way it is carried, when the song ends, fans will go frenzy for sure… but  on flip side leaves any music lover disappointed.
3. Raja Vasi Reddy
Artist(s): MM. Keeravani, Krishna Chaithanya, chorus
Nuvvu whistle este Andhra soda buddy, the charm of the song from Simhadri re- used and the the interludes are also re-used, making keeravani’s job pretty easy for this song. Taata korina manavadu nenai-to—-buttuvu – didn’t expect Keeravani to sing the way he sang. Tobuttuvu is one word not two.. These days words are messed up for the sake of music which is happening quite often. Other than that song is good to hear. Everyone did their best bringing in right emotions and energy. Interludes have become monotonous now a days with Rap induced forcefully just for the sake of youth. Who is asking this not sure? Also songs are no more singer oriented. Krishna Chaitanya is lost in the crowd.
4. Vaastu Bagunde
Artist(s): Rahul Sipligunj, Sravana Bhargavi, Shivani
Chandrabase comes to his basics with his song. He uses all the directions for his convenience and appeal masses. Whether they make sense or not it doesn’t matter for any body as it is a mass song and the focus is all towards NTR (probably few on heroines) and his dance steps. When it is a pakka mass song, beats will be oriented towards the same. Keeravani does no mistake in this. Again rap in between, thought its not an issue for this song. Again too loud music for this type of song. What is happening to Keeravani??
5. Dhammu
Artist(s): Rahul Sipilgunj, Shivani, Sravana Bhargavi
Song title matches movie title. It ends there. Dammu, Sommu how they are related movie might explain or chandrabose.Once again pure mass song. Shivani’s voice is too weak at times. Sravana bhargavi brought in some different effect to the song. Keeravani doesn’t sound fresh in this song. Rahul sings with good energy and is only the saving grace for this song.
6. Roolar (Cd Version)
Artist(s): MM. Keeravani, Geetha MadhuriIt has same positives and negatives doesn’t offer anything better.Pick(s) of the album: Ruler, Raja Vasi Reddy, Vastu bagunde

Overall this album is again an out and out mass album for NTR Jr.  The fans will come out with flying colors, but keeravani’s fans and rest will not get a huge takeaway from his album. If heard  without expectations from Keeravani, this album would have been a decent album, but when comparision comes in picture with earlier combination movies, this music will not offer much.

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    Review chaala baaga raasaru… i liked the way you explored the song “Ruler”

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