Devudu Chesina Manushulu – Audio Review

Devudu Chesina Manushulu (2012)
Cast : Raviteja, Ileana
Music : Raghu Kunche
Producer :  B.V.S.N Prasad
Written and Directed by: Puri Jagannath

Slated to be Idiot-2, later on dropped the idea as Puri didnt have stories for a sequel. So finally seems like he had decided to make a movie with no story. Puri seems to be following his guru RGV in following his trend, winding up movies quite fast. Many times, he is now getting branded as being eccentric with his ideas, dialogs and movie making. It is 5th time Puri and Raviteja worked togather and 3rd time that Puri and Ileana worked togather. There must be some philosophy for Puri going against his trend of naming his movies, and go the older way and reusing the 1973 released devudu chesina manushulu, which had some great songs still haunting music lovers. Raghu Kunche, an anchor, singer and music director got fame by his ravanamma song. However he couldnt make any impact after that in getting offers. Its Puri again gets him some work thru this movie. Raghu kunche had less than half dozen movies to him so far. Did he bring the fame of the movie thru his music or its just another routine film music that passes the movie line is what one need to look at it. The singers choice is a big let down to start with. Adnan Sami, Shreya Ghosal, Udit Narayan for a telugu music director leaves a bad impression. He himself being a singer kept two songs for himself. Bhaskarabhatla gets a single card for lyricist. With total 6 songs, and Puri movies generally doesnt have a great music so far, lets see how these songs fared.
01 – Subba Lakshmi
Raghu Kunche
Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla
Out and out mass song to suit Raviteja’s body language. Sung to the core to suit Raviteja’s energy and mannerisms. Seems like there was expectations to deliver another ravanamma song, again goes around marriage. The pattern of the Telugu music has changed. Add rap, some Hindi words here and there, and in between some Telugu words. This is all about a Telugu songs now a days. This kind of pattern in every song doesn’t work in long term and more over they all appear same. Raghu brings in the Jessi Gift style of rendering with his change over in the voice. The interludes lack energy, but doesn’t deviate with much of the rest of the song.  This song whether exceeds expectations of Ravanamma type song depends on how masses take this song. There are catchy phrases, Subbalakshmi is commonly used name so this song will get to people. Bhaskarbhatla also brings in all questions that were asked many times togather and finalized this song.
02 – Nuvvele Nuvvele
Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla
I am not sure what film making people look when they listen to song. What is the fascination of wanting Shreya, Udit, Adnan in Telugu? Why cant they just listen when they sing in their own languages? What advantage Music directors get when they sing in Telugu when there are 1000′s of singers waiting to sing in Telugu and can sing better? I sincerely request all those involved in film making to seriously think. భారంగా stress is on the the word, but not on bringing the effect of the word. This is what you get when who cant understand words sing.

03 – Disturb Chetannade
Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla
This song reminds many songs. Still doesn’t appeal. Start of the song and the mood of the rest of the song are quite contrast. Suchitra tried a different slang, but doesn’t sound good. Somehow clarity in missed in this song. Song goes so so..
04 – Yemi Sethura
Udit Narayan, Chinmayi
Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla
Raghu kunche made really bad choice to make it sing with Udit and Chinmayi. I stopped listening Udit after the song egire chilakamma from Pawan’s movie Bangaaram. One of the beautiful composition and lyrics royally messed by with Bad pronounciation/singing by Udit. Raghu Kunche completely spoiled this song up with not providing the lyrics right justice. ఏమి  has become యామి.The mood was not carried thru the song nor the meaning conveyed. Mangalampally balamurali krishna sung the classic emi cheturaa lingaa which was a great tatvam. Bhaskarabhatla might have been inspired from this tatvam tried his best, but he could not get it right to listeners. Chinmayi on other hand sung it with accent and style which didn’t suit the song. 
05 – Nuvvantey Chala
Adnan Sami, Joanna
Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla
One another song which doesnt appeal any music lovers. Once again Raghu Adnan Why Raghu Why?? Emi seturaa Raghu Emi cheturaa. Adnan gave a bad performance forget about Telugu, He struggled thru out the song. Instead of chorus singing Hindi, Raghu could have let Adnan sing Hindi. Adnan swallowed most of the words. Once again Raghu couldnt do any justice to this song. Not so quality tune either. Spending so much money on Adnan for a song like this is totally waste of time and money.
06 – Devuda Devuda
Raghu Kunche, Anjana Soumya
Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla
Again song for Ravi teja. Anjana Soumya dominated the song. Raghu couldnt match Anjana. She also sounded more like Swarnalata. If she can fill in for Swarnalata good for her. People will watch for Ravi teja’s energy and steps, but listeners will peacefully ignore this song too.
Pick(s) of the album: Subbalakshmi 
Any music director should create impact within the chances they get. One or two songs will not take them anywhere. More over when they listen to any song, they should never think about other songs which might sound the song they are hearing. Then again, any song will be elevated with right choice of singers. When a bad choice is made, the song is already history. Raghu didnt do justice to title and the old film that made history, didnt utilize the oppurtunity he got. He will be lucky if Subbalakshmi song goes into people and this album survives until then only. He grew step by step and to stay at a higher path, he needs to think seriously. Hope he does that and wish him all the best.

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