Eega – Audio Review


Movie:         Eega ( 2012 )

Director:     SS Rajamouli
Producer:  Sai Korrapati
Cast:            Nanee, Samanta, Sudeeep
Music:         MM. Keeravani 


Eega is a much awaited project from Rajamouli. He was able to keep the excitement sustained in the audience for so long. Finally the audio is launched in a typical Rajamouli house way. Obviously the story about Eega will give less chance for having regular commercial songs. Seems like there is a love thread that goes between Lead characters so there has to be one or two love songs and then the rest of focus should go to Eega. Rajamouli never deviated so far from MM keeravani as his Music director. Their team effort is clearly seen in many of their earlier films as they have a different level of understanding. With this genre movies where the focus is on Eega, the movie has to go hand in hand with the Story. Thats why this movie has only 4 songs. The title song had a remix version, again is a space filler. Lyrics department is shared across and each song is written by different lyricist. From the theatrical trailer, the story can be imaginable. However how the visual feast will be created by Rajamouli will be the curiosity that viewers will have in mind and what was the effort that took almost 2 years for the movie in making will be known soon, when the movie will be released.

1. Nene Nanee Ne     
Artist(s): Deepu, Sahiti 
Lyricist: MM. Keeravani 

The album started with a pretty feel good song. Deep started very well,  assisted by simple instrumentation. The rhythm pattern is heard many times before but added value to this song.  Deepu is an asset to this song, though he needs to work a little on high notes. Sahiti is limited to humming part doesn’t get any space for her own. Keeravani wrote simple lyrics. Overall a good hummable song the phrase “kanapadina ok, kanumarugoutunna ok” will haunt and finally ends on a good note.

2. Ee Ga Ee Ga Ee  Ga  
Artist(s): Deepu, Rahul Sipligunj, Sravana Bhargavi, Chaitra 
Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry 

Naani, is the buzz word for this album, Nene naani, My name is naanee. Rama jogayya sastry, has written multi lingual song, not sure why. The audio  release showed a count down numbers of 10, this song in movie might explain what is all about the number counting. High paced number. As the song goes by, the pattern, and rhythm gets pace and slowly peaks at times. Eega movie should have the sound of the Eega, this comes in the end of the song. Situational song, every singer has put good effort to bring in the effects that are required for the song. Rahul was given two songs in Keeravani’s earlier movie Dammu, and he gets another chance. He might have impressed Keeravani so much. Suprisingly female singers get less footage in this entire album.

3. Konchem Konchem     
Artist(s): Vijay Prakash 
Lyricist: Ananth Sriram 

Ananth Sriram excelled in this song. Pisinaari Naarive, Pisaranta palakave, aa kanche tenchave ivvalaina was nice phrase. Keeravani added stylish tune, the rest of the colors and presented this song in a amicable way. Keeravani is adopting new ways of composing to please young audience. Wazz up is done for the same I guess. Obviously he doesn’t have any choice. Vijay Prakash did a decent job and another fine song from Keeravani. 

4. Lava Lava     
Artist(s): Anuj Gurwara, Shivani 
Lyricist: Chaitanya Prasad

Another stylish presentation from Keeravani, but Anuj failed to present this song. “Lava Lava, gundelo laava, vennello marige valcano nuvva”  sounded strainful and stressful. He lacked the voice range and also failed to do justice to words. Again Shivani is limited to humming and chorus. Keeravani gave high voltage music but somehow it lacked few things to impress.

5. Ee Ga Ee Ga Ee Ga ( Remix)     
Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry 

Added a voice of Eega for this remix song. The sound of Eega also mixed randomly throughout.

Pick(s) of the album: Nene Nanee ne, Konchem Konchem

Keeravani presented a new perspective of himself through this movie. He didn’t go wrong and the expectations are met. He gave what the movie wanted and two nice songs to please other audience and the team succeeded another time. With expectations that Rajamouli will provide a visual treat, this music might be appearing too minute if he can succeed what everyone expects. All the best for the team.

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