Endukante Premanta – Music Review

Endukante Premanta (2012) – Music(Audio) Review

Producer: Sravanthi Ravi Kishore

Music:GV. Prakash CAST:Ram, Tamanna

Director: Karunakaran

The Audio of Endukante Premanta was released over the weekend. The entire cast and crew involved in this movie looked promising there by expectations grow on the music. Karunakaran is known as love guru for this high profile love stories. Again Sravanthi Ravi Kishore is a producer known for his earlier block buster movies and both of them had given good music thru their movies. With their latest venture, GV Prakash who is a young talent from Tamilnadu, is not so young in terms of music. He had done around 15 telugu films prior to this movie apart from his Tamil movies. However his notable movies are Darling (of Prabhas) and Ullasamgaa Utsaahamgaa ( sneha ullal starrer ) which was again by Karunakaran. The name and fame GV Prakash got in Tamilnadu thru his music was not obviously the same as what he is in Telugu. GV Prakash is a relative of AR Rahman. But the matter ends there.

Since we know this is another love movie as the title suggest, the songs should add value to the movie. There is one song less than the average 6 songs. Lets see how the songs fared..


1. Chill Out    

Artist(s): Vijay Prakash, Andrea Jeremiah, Bigg Nikk, Maya

Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry


Four singers in this song definitely will be the initial song in movie as well which hero will have great time to present his skills. RJ Sastry is now officially become multilingual lyricist. He can present any lyric to any one. Add any language at this will. Pronunciation of the word “Party” is consistent across the singers which is something amazing. This song has all elements of so called youthful song. However it is hard to appeal general audience. Will be a dance number.



2. Nee Choopule    

Artist(s): Haricharan, Chitra

Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry


A slow start which is clear in terms of orchestration and subtle instrumentation. 6:02 minutes is obviously a long song in terms of average time for song. The reason is that interludes are long. GV Prakash brings in a good feeling with his music and ends on the same note. Chitra once again proves what she is all about though she doesn’t get good footage as male singer. Haricharan is slowly gaining ground in Telugu music space. However he needs to improve a lot in many aspects in expression, variation in the song, pronunciation. He did his best within his limits. His voice changed at higher pitch sounded like Sonu Nigam at times. The guitar accompanied by humming sounded good. This song if added a good visuals to it will leave a good feeling in the movie. Rama Jogayya Sastry lyrics doesn’t deviate from the flow of the song. Overall a good presentation by GV Prakash.



3. Kicko Gicko    

Artist(s): Rahul Nambiar, Krish, Ranina Reddy, Maya

Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry


Most of the film makes have false impression that if a song needs to be youthful and impress youth, it has to be fast, peppy, sung with accent and add rap to it in between. The assumption might be ok at times, but when every movie is made of same assumption, then the songs becomes routine and nothing to offer. This song is exactly the same. As per definition this has to be youthful as it has got all these elements. RJ Sastry’s lyrics doesn’t have anything to do as who cares about this.  However one good thing with GV. Prakash is that he didn’t make it very loud so it becomes bearable. All depends on Ram and youth to whom this song is aimed at.



4. Cinderella    

Artist(s): Rahul Nambiar, Megha

Lyricist: Srimani


The issue with non-Telugu singers and non-Telugu music directors is that they dont understand what is written. Music director gives a tune and singers sing whatever they want. There is no body to verify what they sing. I simply dont get why singers add additional fake accent to the words. Sometimes it is simply irritating. Srimani wrote some funny lyrics asking dinner menu that goes around eatables and some of them were not even sung properly to understand what they are.పుదీన has become పొదిన , సగ్గు జావ has become sసగు జవ, ఉప్పు చేప has become ఉప్పు చెప్పా, There will be tonnes of issues like this if we start listing them. God save Telugu Music Industry.

Keeping these issues aside this song is done well but has flavor of Tamil songs. Surprisingly the tail piece is very are long. Movie can justify the reason why.



5. Yegiri Pove   

Artist(s): Hemachandra, Chinmayee

Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry


Just because the title of movie is in the song cannot be a title song. Hemachandra and Chinmayee did their best. The modern age singers and lyrcists have issue with tune and lyrics synchronization. Or is it just singers who cannot do justice? Surprising to see Hemachandra say దూరమైనా as దురమైన unless heard closely, చేరలేనా is cut short to చెరలేన . This song is energetic, youthful and peppy. Not too much heavy orchestration. Everything goes well in this song. Not much to say great about, but it does what might be required to the movie.

 Pick(s) of the Album: Nee Choopule, Yegiri Pove.
This music from GV. Prakash showed sparks occasionally, but was not consistent through out the album . He need to work a little more harder to make it big in Telugu industry. I guess the songs of this movie is aimed at youth as the subject is love, which Prakash have achieved to meet the requirement. Success of this album depends on how youth embraces these songs.

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