Julayi – Audio Review

Julayi (2012)
Cast : Allu Arjun, Ileana,Sonu Sood
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Producer : S. Radha Krishna
Story/Screenplay/Direction: Trivikram Srinivas

Trivikram is known to be a thoughtful writer, story teller and director. He is definitely a different director of the current lot. He single handedly helped movies towards success. He has a good music taste as his earlier movies had decent music track. He teamed up with Allu Arjun who is known for his energy, dedication and hard work. DSP had given good hits for both these players in terms of Julayi and Arya2. Arya2 incidentally has been a the last greatest music for Allu Arjun as well as DSP. DSP composed music for many movies after that, but success equivalent to that movie never happened. Same is for Allu Arjun. Lets see how the music came out in this combination. This album is having total 6 tracks with two surprises, one in terms of Malgadi Subha and the other in form of Jessie Gift.

1. Julayi Title Track
Singer : Suchit Suresan,Priya Hemesh
Lyrics : Ramajogayya Sastry

A good questionnaire leads towards the title track. There used to be a famous tit-bit regarding the Tamil lyricist Vairamuttu. He starts with a pattern to start writing a song and once he is set with either a pattern or algorithm, the song is ready. Similarly RJ Sastry got things going towards his stride. He got the questionnaire and then his pattern and he is set with this song. DSP got the energy, pace, tune, beats all set right for this pattern. Seems like this is a mix of item song and title song as it has the film title in this song and priya Hemesh known for item songs of DSP sings the deviation from the original pattern.  Suchit Suresan is another kid in the block, does no wrong, delivers what is required bringing all elements for this song.Overall this is a mixed song leaving mixed feeling.

2. Chakkani Bike Undi
Singer : Tippu,Meghna
Lyrics : Sri Mani

DSP delivers yet another catchy, foot tapping, energetic, youthful song. Tippu some how doesn’t sound like him. He is not usual him. DSP mixes nice beats and instruments to make it appealing. Tippu and Meghna did their job effortless and yet another appealing song from DSP.

3.Pakado Pakado
Singer : Malgadi Subha,Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics : Ramajogayya Sastry

Its been a while Malgudi Subha has sung for a Telugu song. Is this really her?? She is more youthful than before. DSP joined her to this song. Its rare to see RJ Sastry now a days to write a Telugu song. In this multilingual song, again he got his algorithm right. A song on hero? Totally aimed at youth. Pakado is infused in the song the right way. Probably adding some suspense element in the movie.

4. Osey Osey
Singer : Jessi Gift
Lyrics : Sri Mani
Jessi is another under played singer. He is one of the most energetic singer available in South India. He sings effortlessly. Though sounding like Prakash Raj and a Malayali doesn’t have issues with singing any language. He is really a gift. DSP gives him the right song and Jessi gift and does perfect justice to this song. This song though is not as refreshingly fresh, moves everyone.

5. O Madhu
Singer : Adnam Sami
Lyrics : Devi Sri Prasad

DSP had done it again, like he did for 100% love and now. Not sure why he is fascinated towards Adnan Sami and Baba Sehgal. If he is not finding the singers he wanted to get the effect he wanted then its just unfortunate for the industry. If he has a fantasy towards them, he need to get rid of that. DSP starts really well, starting tune is just fantastic and catchy. This goes repeating over the song. But then starts the trouble. Adnan sings the way he wanted not the way song demands. This song would have been hit all the way if not Adnan. But still will manage to be topping the charts as youth doesn’t care who sings song now a days.For me Adnan voice irritates with his Telugu, DSP please seriously re-think for the sake of Telugu. 

6. Mee Intiki Mundu
Singer : Sagar,Raina Reddy
Lyrics : Sri Mani

Sagar and Raina Reddy rendered an energetic foot tapping number. Again this also not refreshing tune, but the singers bring in some life to this song. Just routine song from DSP. He might have done many similar songs effortlessly. 

Pick(s) of the Album: Osey, Chakkani Bike Undi, Pakado Pakado.

DSP has definitely provided energetic, foot tapping album which might be required for the movie and Allu Arjun. This will appeal youth and they will have embrace this very well. However his traditional melody is missing from this album which is the soul of his albums, also he doesn’t bring great variety in this album might be because movie didn’t demand. DSP doesn’t go very far on this album, but it will just help to prove that he is far away from the rest of the crowd in terms of music, quality and consistency.

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