Midhunam – Audio Review

Midhunam (2012)
Music: Veena Pani 
CAST: SP. Balasubrahmanyam, Lakshmi 

Tanikella Bharani is a legendary multi-talented, multi-faceted person in Telugu Film Industry who is just limited to few activities in the industry. A great intellectual, who is know a great devotee of Lord Shiva has a great knowledge of Telugu literature. He decided to direct the famous novel Midhunam with the same title. This heart touching novel talks about an old couple who are left to themselves after their children leave in chase of their own destination. He roped in SPB and Lakshmi to do the lead characters. How he can sustain the length of the movie is what one is interested to see in this movie. Having faith in Tanikella Bharani, telugu film lovers are eagerly waiting for this movie. The audio is released much long ago, but is not available for normal listeners. 
Veenapani (Swara) took the honors of the music department for this movie. A lyricist by himself Veena pani is a young ( not so young ) music director whose earlier movie Devasthanam which casted K Viswanath and SPB. He started his movie music journey with Pattukondi Chooddam. His movie name is given by none other than Tanikella Bharani where as Janardhan Maharshi added Swara to it.
Looking at the titles, the singers and lyricists give goose bumps to telugu music lovers. It has been years that one has heard of Yesudas and Jamuna Rani garu. The trailers gave a glimpse but listening full song is definitely a treat for their fans. With all these positives, lets not delay further to get into the songs as a feast is going to be unveiled soon.

1. Aadi Dampathulu     
Artist(s): Yesudas 
Lyricist: Jonnavithula 

What a voice Yesudas sir, nothing changed by age. A perfect start. Mithunam means pair (జంట ). Jonnavithula continues where he stopped after Srirama Rajyam. He is such a class lyricists with quality, one has to listen to this song and understand. Yesudas perfection in rendering this song is unmatchable. Such a simple tune but everything adds up to make it a feast to listen, Which one is perfect we cannot say, Song, tune, rendering, lyrics, everything so accurate, cannot get any better.

2. Evaru Gelicharippudu     
Artist(s): Jamuna Rani 
Lyricist: Anand Muyida Rao 

Veenapani gaaru, your life is blessed that you got opportunity to work with such greats. Jamuna rani garu how can you sing such greatly even at this age. Anand Muyida Rao garu writes a thought ful song, రెండు గుండెల చప్పుడు రంగా, రాగమొక్కటి ఎప్పుడు, ఎవరు గెలిచారిప్పుడు, ఎవరు ఓడారిప్పుడు!! ఇది ఏరా మిథునం ఇది ఎంతో మధురం. Tuned like a tatwam, and it is. So pleasant to hear again and again.

3. Aavakaya Mana Andaridi     
Artist(s): SP. Balasubramaniam, Swapna 
Lyricist: Tanikella Bharani 

Brundavanamadi andaridi is modernized, the tune is evergreen classic, Unless it is modified/altered really badly this song can go wrong. With SPB taking the singing lead, it is assured that nothing can possibly go wrong and this will be a healthy different version to enjoy. Tanikella Bharani’s lyrics to tell people the greatness about Telugu dishes is really fantastic. The modern eatables are compared to the pure Telugu authentic way of eating and any day authentic Telugu dishes outclass any thing in the world once we get used to it. The Telugu dishes which can go unmatched are explained so simply that it leaves us longing to eat those dishes. TV9 swapna adds the voice for Lakshmi. One has to listen this song and for sure one of the item will be made at home after listening to this song. This song brings the feeling if one is missing them staying outside Andhra Pradesh.

4. Coffee Dandakam     
Artist(s): Jonnavithula 
Lyricist: Jonnavithula 

Modern age dandakam, englished dandakam. we all know how coffee is must in our mornings and to start the day off. If people cannot have coffee in the morning, we all know what will happen to them. Jonnavithula wrote this song and sung himself. To enjoy the lyrics one must listen to this song.

5. Aata Kada Jananalu     
Artist(s): Yesudas 
Lyricist: Tanikella Bharani 

Yesudas is known for all devotional songs mainly Swami Ayyappa songs and many more. Tanikella Bharani who wrote Aata kadaraa the Siva tatwalu is must to listen/read for every person who believes in GOD. He brings in some of those and Yesudas brings in the perfect feeling after listening to this song, one would go in deep thought and immense devotion . 
One gets rarely to listen to such kind of albums. Tanikella Bharani garu proves once again what is the power of the Telugu language and thoroughly satisfies everyone who is wanting water in desert, this kind of album which is a river to every such one. Yesudas, SPB, Jamuna Rani defy their ages as their divine voices never ceases to fade. They are GOD gifted persons and its Tanikella Bharani who made them all togather. He deserves a great applause. Jonnavittula and Bharani himself wrote some excellent lyrics may be pun intended, satire included but its a real full course meal to the telugu lovers. Go listen it, preserve the album and listen repeatedly, may be one day the thirst might be quenched.

A small request/suggestion for Tanikella Bharani gaaru, if he can convert all his “Aata kadaraa Siva” tatwalu into Audio CD with Yesudas and  Veenapani as team, it would be a great gift to Telugu audience.

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