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Uu kodatara Ulikki padataara – Music Review

 UKUP Audio Review

Movie:     Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara (2012)
Music: Vidyasagar, Bobo Shashi
CAST: Manchu Manoj, Balakrishna, Deeksha Seth
Lyrics:     R. Ramu

A socio fantasy dream project from Manchu Manoj Kumar finally makes into reality. This movie finally has become all in Manchu family with his sister as producer and Raja making debut as director. Balakrishna casting in this movie will definitely add lot of value to the movie not only content wise, but bringing in more viewers. Most of the technicians have worked before with this family. Coming to Music department, seems like there are too many hands and is divided across. The team borrowed one song from Malayalam composed by Vidyasagar, Bobo Sashi who composed the rest of the songs. The BGM honors are given to Salim-Sulaiman duo.Touted as one of the costliest movie that is produced under Lakshmi Prasanna Banner, this movie is a bi-lingual movie that will be released simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil. Bobo Sashi worked with Manoj’s earlier movie Bindaas has total about half a dozen movies to his name.

1. Anuragame Haaratulaye
Artist(s): Karthik, Anwesha
Music: Vidyasagar

This could be a song on Balakrishna. The way lyrics are written indicates. Vidyasagar being a Telugu originated has comeback to Telugu thru borrowing this song from Malayalam. Such a strange travel of music which indicates tune doesn’t have language barriers. Its all how nicely the lyrics are added to the tune. A good tune inspires a good lyrics and may be the situation too. Karthik and Anwesha does all that is required for the song. Perfectly executed.

2. Abbabba Abbabba   
Artist(s): Ramee, Nrithya, Janani, Rita, Ramya

There is a sudden transition from a such a good feeling from earlier song to a complete contrast. 5 singers in this song cannot help this song any better for a routine song we hear now a days. The singers, beat, tune, instruments just make a song. Sashi adds some flavors here and there but cant help much. The backdrop for this song is completely contrast. So this cannot be any better. Not sure why this song reminds yet another song. (nee navvula challadanaanni- ivvoddu, ivvoddu ). Ramu wrote perfect standard lyrics for this song.

3. Prathi Kshanam Narakame  
Artist(s): Ramee, Tupakeys, G-Arulaz

This song sounds similar to Eega title song, this song unless seen in movie cannot be judged. A situational song. Softly loud music. Bobo Sashi tried his best. However since a situational song, lacks repeated hearing.

4. Hai ya Hai   
Artist(s): Ranjith, MLR. Karthik, Senthil, Sam, Sormuki, Ramya, Deepa

Too many singers for a song. May be a record for a song in a movie with 8 singers. Not sure why these many singers are required for a song. Or they named chorus singers too so that they can make it to inlay card. Hope movie casts these many artists for this song. The beats sound similar to dillaku dillaku song. Bobo Sashi mixed many elements cannot say whether it helped the song. Multi lingual song is common now a days. Probably this song will help the movie as it is a group dance number could be a wedding number as in between that tune is used as it increases the pace towards the end.

5. Adhi Ani Idhi Ani
Artist(s): Haricharan, Prasanthini

Haricharan as I said before is slowly gaining ground in the Telugu industry. He many times sounds like karthik or Tippu or sonu nigam, He needs to make his own identity in his voice. He needs to sing openly doesn’t appear like an effortless singing. Bobo Sashi mixes jazz into this song to make it a soft duet song between the lead pair. Prasanthini does just fine. Song goes fine. If the good visuals are added, this song will be enjoyed.

6. Are You Ready (Instrumental)     
It is added either there was some space left or want to add more minutes to the album.

Bobo Sashi could have been limited with the content or the situations. He didn’t have much to deliver in this album. Vidyasagar song definitely adds a lot of value to this album. Without that song the album would have been a pretty below par album as there is only one notable song from the rest. Since Sashi is young, he needs to work really hard and gain his place in the industry. Else with this much competition, it will be very difficult to sustain in the industry. There will not be too many Manoj’s to offer him the chances.
Pick(s) of the album: Anuragame Haaratulaye, Adhi Ani Idhi Ani, Hai ya Hai  ( depends on visuals )

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